Line Officers - 2018





Scott Elsesser

Chief 72

Corey Ellinger

Deputy 72

Paul Barndt

Assistant 72

Andrew Laube

Battalion 72

Japheth Rittenhouse

Captain 72


Engineers - 2018




Russ Geiger

Chief Engineer 72

Marv McKown

Engineer 72-1

Ryan Geiger Engineer 72-2
Stephen Iannetta Honorary


Executive Officers - 2018




Marv McKown


Russ Geiger

Vice President

Brian McKown


Mary Lynne Ellinger


Nathan Yothers

Financial Secretary

Scott Elsesser Communications Officer
Japheth Rittenhouse Trustee
Corey Ellinger Trustee
Ryan Geiger Trustee


Active Firefighters


Paul Barndt Gary Landis
Greg Coppola Andrew Laube
Patrick Diehl Brian McKown
Corey Ellinger Marv McKown
Howard Ellinger Jr. Austin Miller
Scott Elsesser Tim Miller
Mark Freeborn TJ Miller
Russ Geiger Kimber Moore
Ryan Geiger Matt Mortka
Tammy Geiger Jim Myers
Stephen Iannetta Japheth Rittenhouse
Steve Kriebel Chris Stine



Active Fire Police


Kyle Matz - Captain

Gary Kester - Lieutenant
Dennis Werner - Sergeant
Bill Dougherty - Corporal
Dominique DeGlas Tony Mielich
Carley Ellinger Tom Neff
Brandon Matz Nathan Yothers


Inactive Lifetime Firefighters


John Boyer Rita Heller
Mary Lynne Ellinger Butch Siegfried
Betty Hager Rod Smith
Mike Hager Ed Steglik
Terry Halteman Steve Wagner
Richard Hart Jr. Gail Wellington


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